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GVQC Donation Policy

Genesee  Valley  Quilt  Club’s  mission  statement  includes  the  provision  that  we  encourage  and promote  the  art  of  quilt  making.  We  gratefully  accept  donations  that  would inspire  our members in their creativity of quilt construction. This includes monetary and non-monetary donations.  GVQC accepts monetary donations of any size from any source. Non-monetary donations are limited to items that help our members in developing their quilt making skills (see GVQC accepted donations listed below).  

Items that GVQC does not accept may be accepted by other community organizations (listed below). 

Genesee Valley Quilt Club does not accept already made quilts or antique quilts from people outside club membership as these gifts do not support our mission.

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Where You Can Donate Quilting & Sewing Items

Donations to Genesee Valley Quilt Club
GVQC Comfort Quilts

Comfort Quilts is a community service project of GVQC.  Comfort Quilts makes quilts to donate to local charities for their use. Some of the organization’s quilts are donated to area hospice homes, battered women’s shelters and child care organizations.   Read more on Comfort Quilts.

Comfort Quilts accepts the following items as donations:

  • Quilting fabric (all cotton or flannel)

  • Batting

  • Already made quilt blocks

  • Quilt kits


Contact Linda Traynor about comfort quilts donations.

GVQC Library

The GVQC Library accepts donations of quilt books.  


Titles published in recent years are most likely to be added to our collection, while duplicates and older titles are also appreciated and offered for sale to members at monthly meetings.  


Schedule a pick-up or delivery to a committee member’s house by contacting Sarah Mathias.
Members should contact Sarah Mathias in person to check on needs for donations.

[Friendly information to inquirers:]  Many branches of Monroe Public Library also offer used books for sale and will accept cartons of books on assorted subjects.  

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Other Community Organizations that Might Accept Donations
Building Community Through Quilting

Building Community Through Quilting (BCQ) is a non profit organization that helps people in transition phases of their lives by teaching quilting to them and putting them in a community of people who enjoy quilting. Their quilts are donated to various charitable organizations around the Rochester area. 

Building Community Through Quilting accepts: 

  • Quilting fabric (cotton, fat quarter size and up)

  • Batting 

  • Thread

  • Already made quilt blocks

  • Quilt kits

  • Up-to-date quilt books and patterns

  • Sewing tools and rulers


BCQ can be contacted at

Sew Green Rochester

Sew Green Rochester is located near the Susan B. Anthony house area on West Main St. Sew Green is an organization committed to educating people of all social strata in all craft arts. They fund their organization by the resale of items donated to them. More information about Sew Green can be found at their website 

Sew Green Rochester accepts: 

  • Fabric of any nature

  • Yarn

  • Sewing machines

  • Knitting and crochet needles and supplies

  • Embroidery supplies

  • Sewing notions (zippers, buttons, rick-rack, Velcro, lace, etc.)

  • Sewing patterns and books

  • Quilt books and magazines

Crafts Bits and Pieces

Craft Bits and Pieces is located in the Village of Fairport. They resell craft items to fund transportation for senior citizens living in the Fairport area. 

Crafts Bits and Pieces accepts (see website for complete list): 

  • All fabrics

  • All craft items (knitting and crochet supplies, rug hooking supplies, embroidery supplies)

  • All quilt supplies and tools

  • Sewing notions and tools

  • Sewing patterns and books

Donations are accepted at their donation center, 104 Fairport Village Landing, see website for hours.

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