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Meeting Day Program

September 12, 2024

September 2024

Katheryn Metzger began her quilting journey in 1998 after retiring and moving from Maine to Florida. Her mother dutifully taught her to sew when she was a child, but Kathryn hated it. So, her mother was shocked when in 1998 she asked her mother to teach her to quilt.

Kathryn's first quilt was a traditional rail fence, hand quilted. From that beginning she began to discover all of the other media available to use on fabric: dyes, embellishments, crayons, oil paints, acrylic paints, water colors, inks, pastels, and colored pencils. And she tried them all. Kathryn got very excited when Pan Pastels came out, because they seemed like a perfect answer for backgrounds on her ink-printed quilts. They worked beautifully and she began using them for the main subjects of her painted quilts.

While living in Florida, and belonging to the St. Augustine Quilt Guild, Kathryn taught a number of workshops on painting with both inks and pastels. After 25 years in Florida, Kathryn and her husband moved to Fairport in 2023. She immediately joined Genesee Valley Quilt Club and is so happy to have found a new quilting home.

Workshops by Kathryn Metzger

Kathryn works with pastel paints, chalks, and colored pencils to achieve realistic results in her art quilts.  In these workshops you’ll learn her techniques to color the background of your artwork, and then to bring out the fine details.  There are two workshops being offered, “Pastel Painted Quilts” and “Pastel Portraits.” 

If you enjoy creating art quilts, and you want to learn techniques to achieve realism, these are the workshops for you.  If you simply want to learn new ways to embellish the quilts you’re already creating, these techniques will carry over.

There is a $40 class fee so that you can try this form of art, without having to purchase all of the products. 

Please print and read "About Kathryn Metzger classes before signing up.

About Kathryn Metzger classes
Download PDF • 4.53MB

September 13: "Pastel Painted Quilts"

Class Fee $40 day of workshop

In “Pastel Painted Quilts” you’ll select one of three photos to base your work upon.

September 14: "Pastel Portraits"

Class Fee $40 day of workshop

In “Painted Portraits” you’ll select one of two portraits to learn this craft.

Supply List for both classes:

  • Iron and ironing pad

  • Light box, if you have them.  If you don’t, there will be plenty to borrow.

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