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Meeting Day Program

April 10, 2025

April 2025

Kim Werth, GVQC member since, has run a longarm quilting business out of her home in Rochester, New York, since beginning her longarm adventure in 2009. Her passions lie in free motion quilting, yoga and scuba diving.

Kim has won several ribbons in national quilt shows, including quilting the GVQC Group Quilt entry (2024 Opportunity Quilt) that received Honorable Mention at Paducah 2024.  She has realized, however, that teaching is just as exciting as quilting.

High energy and enthusiasm is her state of being when it comes to quilting and teaching. Her work can be found on Facebook and Instagram by searching “Kim’s Quilting Corner.”

Workshops: Kim Werth

April 11: Domestic Quilting - TBA

April 12: Domestic Quilting - TBA

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