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GVQC News & Updates

News from the Last Club Meeting

October Meeting Recap

Old Business and New Business

Club Business:

Members and guests arrived at the meeting with a lot of excitement.  Not only were the regular pre-meeting activities available, but the member sale table was set up which also included a long table for Comfort Quilts to sell fabrics from their extensive stash.  Fabrics in cuts from fat quarters to 1 yard or more sold at bargain prices ($2/yard).  Sales today were about $700.  More fabric will be on sale at the next meetings.

Old Business:

New member (her second month attending), Amy, won both the Meeting Day Raffle Quilt, a 1940's Ohio Rose applique with buttonhole stitching summer spread donated by Betty Blakeney, but she also won blocks from the Block of the Month drawing.

Chris Wichert reported that the club 2024 opportunity quilt, Garden Party Down Under, has been accepted for the show at Paducah in the spring.  This quilt will be revealed at the December meeting.

Library reported several new book acquisitions in memory of members that have passed.  The complete book list by author and by subject can be found in the Member Services pages of the website.

Committee Reports:

Comfort Quilts, 39 turned in. Forms requesting donation to a charity can be picked up at the Comfort Quilts table and submitted at any time. 

November Stats:  126 attended today's meeting and 11 watched on Zoom.  There are currently 257members.  

After the meeting a small group met with Nick Williams to receive information for the 2026 Commorative Quilt project.  Looking ahead!!

Program: Nick Williams

Updates on QuiltFest 2024

Nick Williams, quilt show co-chair, presented an informative and interesting slide presentation of all that goes into getting the quilt show set up.  

It begins on Tuesday before the show by taking all of the "stuff" (quilt racks and supplies) for the show out of the storage locker, having it trucked to RIT, the RIT staff getting the show floor marked for the pipe and drape, electrical drops for the vendors, and pipe and drape set up (hired).  Behind the scenes quilts that have been dropped off are either sent to the judging room or member quilts are staged for hanging.  Quilt hanging begins on Wednesday and when the judging ends on Thursday, the final quilts are finally hung.  Thursday is a big day with vendors moving in.  

Vendor coordinator, Donna Schalge, reported the process for signing up to help at the show.  Beth Kelly, special exhibits, excited everyone with the announcement of the "Connections" exhibit that will be on display.  Chris Wickert promoted the lineup of classes and lectures encouraging members to sign up early.  Finally, Jessie Drew-Cates filled everyone in on the club challenge, "The Stitch Is It," an open ended opportunity to showcase any type of stitching that enhances the entry.

Although most members volunteer to help either getting things set up, hanging quilts, or during the show in various capacities, most appreciated learning more about all of the work involved to put on a show of this magnitude.  

Demo Derby - January Program

Favorite Program of the Year

Terry Noonan sparked everyone's interest announcing the seven demos that will be available at the January meeting.  Members will choose to attend four of the demos.

There is an interesting lineup that includes Sashiko Stitching, Crayon Tinting with Embroidery, Pinwheels, making a cuddle tee shirt throw, pin cushion, plus ideas for the show Gift Gallery and another demo.

Members are encouraged to look at the January program on the website and print the handouts before coming to the January meeting.

Meeting Day Photo Gallery

Show & Tell and Program Highlights

Hover to start video and use arrow to scroll through more photos.  To watch all zoomed, click on the large photo to start the video, and then use arrow to scroll through more photos.

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