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News from the Last Club Meeting

November 10th Meeting

Membership Grows and Janet Root Trunk Show

The club membership continues to grow as new quilters join GVQC.  Membership is now 246.  Attending today: 105 members, plus12 on zoom, and 6 guests.

The club is looking for volunteers to fill a few positions: 

  • Meeting day setup and take down - 1 person to coordinate (see Peggy B.)

  • Two to learn the role of membership co-chairs this year to take responsibility starting next year.  (see Donna S.)  

  • Someone to write the short articles for this website page.  (see Joyce B)

The QuiltFest committee chair, Nick W, announced the 2024 club challenge quilt, "The Stitch Is It."  

Show and Tell included a diversity of projects including sewn and decorated fabric boxes, a bag with many "pages" with zipped pockets for storing/organizing sewing supplies, samples of Fall Migration projects (November 11), and, of course, many lovely quilts.  See the gallery below. 

Janet Root's trunk show displayed her amazing quilting journey starting with a baby quilt,through many beautiful traditional quilts, and on to interesting and unique art quilts.  Janet (GVQC member) has shared her talents with club members for many years with both Fall Migration projets and her Spring Fling mystery quilt project.  Photos of Janet and her quilts.  See more below.

Community Service

Comfort & Fidget Quilt Update

GVQC members donated 30 quilts this month. Organizations requesting donations have been fulfilled.

Each organization may request up to 25 quilts per year.  Request forms can be picked up at the Comfort Quilts table.

Linda Traynor, Comfort Quilts coordinator reported that there were 431 quilts turned in during the 2021-2022 club year that ended in June.  These quilts were given to organizations in the Rochester area for distribution to those in need.  

Members can sign out kits that include a pattern and fabric, plus pick up fabric for the backing, or make a comfort quilt from their own stash.

The fidget quilt committee reported that they could use more fidget quilts.  All received have been given out.  A fidget quilt is small, easy to make and should include a zipper, tactile objects or fabrics, anything to keep hands busy for the elderly or special needs individuals.  Instructions are available to download from Member Services, File Share.

2024 Opportunity Quilt

Pattern Selected - Timeline Finalized

The GVQC opportunity quilt pattern, Garden Party Down Under (photo), was selected and planning and timeline have been determined.  This pattern was a block of the month from The Quilt Show.  Construction of the quilt involves a variety of techniques including applique, pieced, and paper piecing.  

There will be a power point presentation on the quilt project at the December 2022 meeting.  At the January meeting one of the demos at Demo Derby will be on the quilt.  Kits will be available for members to sign out. 


Meeting Photo Gallery

Show & Tell and Program Highlights

Hover to start video and use arrow to scroll through more photos.  To watch all zoomed, click on the large photo to start the video, and then use arrow to scroll through more photos.