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GVQC News & Updates

News from the Last Club Meeting

January Meeting Recap

Committee Reports and Challenge Quilt Info

One open job to be filled for QuiltFest - coordinator for the Gift Gallery.  If interested, see Peggy.  

It was announced that the club plans to join The Global Quilt Connection, a site where many teachers are listed.  Once the club joins, 50 members could sign up for the class offerings a couple of times each year.

Fidget Quilts:  There is a need for these tactile quilts at nursing homes, memory care facilities, and other sites locally.  More info in Member Services > Files

Chris Wickert of the 2024 quilt show opportunity quilt committee reported that thirty three kits were signed out.  Completed kits are due to be turned in at the April meeting to be assembled and stitch together by another committee.

2024 QuiltFest club challenge is called The Stitch Is It.  The quilt size, 12" x 12" to 35" x 36" of rectangular equavilent, any style, quilted in any method with the focus on the stitching.  Information will be in the next Patchword.

January Stats:  253 members, total of 27 new members for the 2022-23 club year, 3 new members signed up at the January meeting (total of 256 members), 5 guests at the meeting, attending the meeting totay were 125, and 37 comfort quilts were turned in.  

Demo Derby

Select Four of Nine

One of the highlights of the club year is Demo Derby where primarily club members share techniques.   This years Demo Derby included nine demos with the opportunity to attend four 20 minute long demos which provided plenty of opportunity for an in-depth demonstration.

Terry Noonan, coordinator gave a big thank you to the Demo Derby demonstrators:  Beth Kelly - Paper Piecing and Freezer Paper Piecing, Theresa Alano - Cut-away Applique, Chris Wickert - Needle Turn Applique, Ruth Ohol - Binding with Elmer, Marianne Zimmer - Collage Boxes, Jean Lemmon - English Paper Piecing, Nick Williams - Fractured Quilts, Aurora Sewing Center - Accuquilt cutters and systems, and Donna Schalge - Wool Applique - new category for next show.

Demonstration instructions and info can be downloaded.

Little Sister's Quilt

Another "Opportunity"

Made from the blocks left over from the 2022 QuiltFest Opportunity Quilt, Little Sister's Quilt looks very similar to the other quilt, only smaller.  

Raffle tickets for this beautiful quilt will be available for members only.  The drawing for Little Sister's Quilt will be at the June meeting.

Meeting Photo Gallery

Show & Tell and Program Highlights

Hover to start video and use arrow to scroll through more photos.  To watch all zoomed, click on the large photo to start the video, and then use arrow to scroll through more photos.

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