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GVQC News & Updates

News from the Last Club Meeting

February Meeting Recap

Old Business and New Business

Club Business:

Club president, Carol Manning, encouraged members to share their quilting journey with others at their table during lunch.  Oh - so much to talk about.

Old Business:

The club is still looking for an AV coordinator and Fidget Quilt coordinator.  The Sunshine Committee was highlighted and thanked for their efforts in sending cards to members for many different occasions, illness, death in the family, encouragement, etc.  The new Patchword publisher was announced.  She will shadow Amy L the remaining of this year and assume her duty next club year.

New Business:

The March program and workshops will be by Glyeen Fitzgerald.  One of today's speaker's quilts was from a workshop she had taken from Glyeen.

Committee Reports:

QuiltFest 2024 was updated.  The show will be in three months!! Workshops all have openings although several are nearly full.  Quilt registration is open now through March 14.  Everyone is urged to go online and download the submission information and to submit quilts.  Terry N reviewed the Wearable Art Fashion Show and Exhibit and how members can register items for the Fashion Show and Exhibit.  Donated items are needed for the Gift Gallery and can be turned in at each meeting.

Comfort Quilts, 68 turned in. Needed for Strong's NICU are 24"x36" quilts.  Forms requesting donation to a charity can be picked up at the Comfort Quilts table and submitted at any time. 

February Stats:  122 members, 7 visitors and 3 who rejoined, attended today's meeting.  

GVQC Library

Larger Space - Longer Hours

The GVQC lending library has been moved from its forever corner near the stage to the more spacious back corner of the room.  

Until today, the magnificient library with over 500 titles was only open before the meeting started because its location encroached on the stage, comfort quilts walk through, and the lunch food table.   A big thanks to whoever thought of breaking with tradition and moving the library to a larger space.  

The two tall cabinets that house the library have been moved to the back corner of the room, additional tables were out to display books and there is a full table of books for sale (many recent titles, but duplicates) at very reasonable prices.  In addition to much more space, the library is now open both before the meeting and during lunch giving everyone plenty of time to look at and sign out books.

If you are looking for a particular book title or author, or a book(s) on a particular subject, there are two lists.  One by author and title, the other by subject.  These lists are available in two notebooks on the library table and in the File Share page in Member Services of this website.  (This page is password protected)

Program Speaker - Jill Escriva

"Modern to Traditional"

The February program by Jill Escriva, local quilter, was delightful.  From her roots as a traditional quilter she slowly became more and more interested in color and design and from the beginning has drafted her own quilt designs on graph paper.  At one point someone mentioned to her they liked her "modern" quilts.  It was news to her to be called a "modern" quilter.

Jill took us on her quilting journey with a lovely trunk show that included her early traditional quilts through recent quilts, and quilts that have won ribbons at Genesee Valley QuiltFest.  She even showed two minature quilts on doll house beds, and a framed minature quilt.  See some of her quilts in the slide show at the bottom of the page.

Meeting Day Photo Gallery

Show & Tell and Program Highlights

Hover to start video and use arrow to scroll through more photos.  To watch all zoomed, click on the large photo to start the video, and then use arrow to scroll through more photos.

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