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November 2023

Meeting Day Program
November 9, 2023
Nick Williams - "About QuiltFest 2024"
November 2023

Nick Williams has been a member of GVQC for a number of years, has volunteered on a numerous club committees, and was co-chair of the 2022 QuiltFest and co-chair of the 2024 QuiltFest.

Nick is a former high school vocal music teacher, a prize winning quilter, professionally quilts for others, and is also a member of the Irondequoit Quilt Guild.

Nick will update the members on everything they need to know about the quilt show, entering quilts in the show, and how to help by volunteering during the show.

QuiltFest 2022

Workshop: November 10 - Fall Migration (GVQC Members only)

Beth Kelly and Sue Donovan

Beth Kelly and Sue Donovan

How did Beth and Sue come together to teach at Fall Migration?

Beth writes, "It’s all quite simple. After an illustrious tenure, Roz Smith decided to retire from teaching Fall Migration. Janet Root, quintessential teacher of all things fabric, tapped Sue Donovan to replace Roz. Project maven and prolific quilter Sue said Of Course!"

After giving the matter further thought, Janet decided retirement from Fall Migration sounded pretty good to her too. Sue decided the two project/teacher format was fun and gave Beth Kelly ‘the look’. (If you’ve spent time around Sue, you know what that is.) Beth, reluctant teacher and slow sewer, succumbed to ‘the look’ and said OK."

Both enjoy quilting, fiber arts, learning new techniques and working together to come up with interesting and fun projects for Fall Migration

Sue's Project - Bargello

Learn to make a Bargello quilt with two methods. One is easier with a printed fabric that transitions from one color to the next. The other method uses a selection of colored strips of fabric. Regardless of the method, you will have fun as Sue teaches how to make this quilt project.

Supply List Fall Migration 2023 Sue Donovan
Download PDF • 758KB

Beth's Project - Dimensional Flowers and Leaves

Do you need a bit more fun on your walls? How about your totes, jacket or quilt? Use batting or craft felt and fabric to make dimensional flowers and leaves. A variety of techniques will be covered. No fusible needed. As a bonus project, you’ll learn how to use your flowers and leaves to make a wreath.

Supply List - Dimensional Flowers and Leaves
Download PDF • 217KB

Register for Workshops

Workshop Fee: Member $60, Non-member $75 (unless otherwise noted).  Some workshops require purchase of kit/supplies. 

Non-member registration opens for fall workshops on August 1 and for spring workshops on February 1.

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