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December Program

December 8, 2022 at 2:30:00 PM

Holiday Luncheon and Silent Auction

In addition to the regular meeting and meeting day activities, there is a Silent Auction. Members donate hand made items that include quilted items, knitted, sewn, craft items, hand made jewelry, and more. Bidding begins as soon as items are placed on the tables in the Silent Auction area (back of the meeting room) and continues until noon.

Following the meeting, members enjoy a dist-to-pass Holiday Luncheon that includes salads, casseroles, fruit platters, desserts, and much more.  Immediately following the luncheon, the winners of the Silent Auction are revealed.  Proceeds from the auction benefits some aspect of the club program, such as Comfort Quilts, Workshop Scholarship Fund, Programs, or other function determined by the club.

No workshops in December

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