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Sujata Shah

September 10, 2022 at 1:00:00 PM


Inspired by the windmills of Pennsylvania farms and Sujata's childhood memories of paper  pinwheels, Windmills is a beginner-friendly project. 

Participants will use a simple five step process to make an art   quilt with free-form traditional blocks. With easy-to-follow  instructions from the book Cultural Fusion Quilts, this class is  designed to focus on cutting curves through multiple layers of  fabrics and sewing curved seams. Individuals will construct  blocks resembling an appliqued leaf using a carefree and fun  technique. Participants will also explore possibilities of various  layouts by changing the orientation of their blocks. 

Sujata will share many tips on making Free-Form blocks and  offer many suggestions for color combinations and layouts  during the class. You may not stop at just one.

Workshop: Windmills

Sujata Shah Windmills supply list
Download PDF • 284KB

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