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Meeting Day Program

October 10, 2024

October 2024

Jean Cody, as the eldest of 6 growing up in the 1950s,learned to sew (mostly clothing) at an early age. In the early 1970s.  She discovered quilting which at the time was primarily using templates, scissors and hand stitching. Somewhere in the 70s, life changed and she stopped sewing for about 20 years.

When Jean picked up quilting again things had changed dramatically – rotary cutters!!, strip piecing !! and modern longarm machines were the way to go. She hasn’t looked back since.

Her primary focus is piecing and designing quilt tops. She has enjoyed attending and entering national level shows and taken classes with top level instructors in techniques from fabric dying to paper piecing. If she has a favorite block, it’s probably the Lemoyne Star. Recently she has moved into actually writing patterns for some of her designs and teaching.

Workshop - Fall Migration (GVQC Members Only)

October 12

There will be a choice of two projects designed by Jean Cody. Pie Al A Mode and Kinda Hare Raising Blocks.

Kinda Hare Rising

NOTE: Check instructions for pre-class preparation

Kinda Hare Rising
Download PDF • 620KB

Pie A La Mode

Note: Pie A La Mode has pre-class preparation homework.

Pie A La Mode Class Supply List
Download PDF • 834KB

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